A Filmed Record Montgomery to Memphis


KING: A Filmed Record; Montgomery to Memphis has received unprecedented critical praise from critics across the country who have made it one of the most acclaimed documentaries ever made.  It has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature and the Library of Congress has honored it by selecting it for preservation in the National Film Registry. 


“Perhaps the most important film documentary ever made. “

- The Philadelphia Bulletin


“The documentary footage is stunning.  Mercifully, there is no added commentary.  The events are allowed to speak for themselves.  The soundtrack bursts with vitality — the roar of police motorcycles, bombs, burning crosses, ambulances, nightsticks crunching into human bone, gospel, shouts, the massed crowds before the Lincoln Memorial at the 1963 March on Washington, and, most thrilling of all, the speeches of the man himself.  As for the images, if film is a mirror, we should all go see it, for, black and white, we will never look and see ourselves that beautiful or that innocent again.”

– Ellen Holly, The New York Times


“A powerful experience.  The cumulative effects of the words and actions of this man can’t be underestimated.”

– The Christian Science Monitor


“KING reminds us of the staunchness of spirit that can be aroused in the hearts of the humble, the strengths that leads to victories… Scene and action approach the eloquence of King himself.”

– Judith Crist, New York Magazine


“Unlike many films that examine the past, this one does not remind us of how far we have come.  It reminds us how far we have to go.”

– Chicago Sun-Times


“A piece of history of immense power”

–The Los Angeles Times


“It is fierce, violent, tender, hopeful and should be graded ‘R’ for Required.  Above all, it is a compelling reminder that much remains to be done.”

– The Washington Post


“When [young people] see this film, they will not only understand it, but will also experience it to the depths of their souls.”

–The Washington Daily News


“KING is not so much a biography of Dr. Martin Luther King as it is a record of the civil rights movement in America.  It is the record of black people’s growth in pride and determination and love of America, played against a backdrop of animal savagery, swastikas and leather-coated storm troopers … Whether you loved or respected Dr. King or not, you may be moved to tears, for bloodied children, for America and for Dr. King’s deferred dream.”

– The Baltimore Afro-American


“I went prepared to weep… but KING was so positive, so exciting and so awe-inspiring in its straightforward simplicity of purpose that to weep would somehow have been insulting.”

– The Gary Post-Tribune


“One great stunning, stunning film … There is no narration and no editorializing. It is just the stinging, hard incredible truth as it was filmed by newsreel cameras for thirteen years.”

– Women’s Wear Daily